1500 kg - 2000 kg

Capacity Lift Height Length Width Engine Power
Capacity kg Max. Fork Height (2/3 Stepped Lift) mm Length Except Fork mm Width mm Engine Power Hp/Rpm
2000 3300 / 4750 /6000 2250 1070 45,8 / 2400

The PRO5 series forklifts of Doosan with durable, robust and superior features and a range of 1500 kg to 2000 kg lifting capacity have become even stronger. Proper use of technological developments, increased operator comfort, performance efficiency, and common, fast, quality services will increase your business productivity and reduce your operating costs with our 1500kg-2000kg series forklifts.

High power and fuel-saving diesel engines provide superior performance levels. These 4-cylinder, water-cooled, overhead valve motors in use produce high power at low engine revolutions in applications requiring fast lift or high flow rate for loading and unloading operations on ramps.

Almost maintenance-free, oil-cooled disc brakes (ODB) increase the life of brakes by 5 times, while not causing environmental pollution as compared to conventional brakes. That's why they are under our special guarantee.

Thanks to the OSS (Operator Detection System) system; the machine will not move, the hydraulic lifting and lowering will not occur when there is no operator in the forklift seat. If the operator leaves the seat without pulling the parking brake, the alarm is triggered.
The safety belt warning light warns the operator to connect the belt within 10 seconds.


* Görseldeki ürün, mevcut stok durumuna göre değişiklik gösterebilir.